1. Cultural diffusion is the process by which a cultural item spreads from group to group or society to society. For example fast food restauraunts developed in the United States have taken over more sectors of the world. They now have beauty salons that accept walk-in and medical clinics have menus where you can choose the desire sex of your child.

The parts of culture materials are societies, cultural item, and the way to spreads and other societies acceptance.


  1. Six examples of ethnocentrism:

1- Hilary Clinton’s and Barack Obama’s view on gun control

2- The believe that our religion is better than somebody else’s.

3- Criticizing systems of living because they do not match ours.

4- Democrats and Republicans working in our government

5- Women’s rights in some cultures.

6- Social classes





In my opinion about global diffusion is not good. Because global diffusion in Indonesia is dominated by juncfood such as A&W, Mc.Donald, Seven Eleven and many more. Juncfood from that place is not healthy for people and can damage our brain. Besides of that, global diffusion can reduce the quality of the original culture. For balancing the culture spread or diffusion, every culture or country should be spread and diffuse their own culture each other and accept them well.



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