1. Ethnocentrism is viewing your own culture as more superior than any other culture , while cultural relativism is “the concept that the importance of a particular cultural idea varies from one society or societal subgroup to another, the view that ethical and moral standards are relative to what a particular society or culture believes to be good/bad, right/wrong.

Cultural relativism and ethnocentrism are the two flip sides of one coin where both of these rather philosophical notions are intertwined. Ethnocentrism landed as a concept amongst different nations earlier than cultural relativism which got to be devised to counter ethnocentrism. And, the most significant feature related to these notions and ideas is the fact that both of these come with specific sect of followers which can be specific individuals and specific nations as well.

– Cultural relativism is the positive attitude or concept while ethnocentrism is the negative side.

– Cultural relativism is showing a sense of understanding for different cultures and treating the uniqueness of these cultures with utmost respect.

– Ethnocentrism is the belief that your culture is right or the best.


While the similarity is Both are means of judging other groups and their culture.

 2.  The examples of Cultural shock =

– Feeling like you don’t fit with your environment.

– Feeling out of control.

– Crying and sleeping excessively since it gives a sense of control and escape.

– Having to be dependent on everyone and not knowing who you can trust.

– Being annoyed with how people talk a different dialect or accent than yours. That’s if they speak the same language as you.

– Wanting to breakdown emotionally.

– Wondering why people don’t understand what you’re going through, especially close family and friends.

– Getting easily offended by something that is okay in the culture you’re in, but not okay from the culture you came from.

– Getting stares from people who’ve never seen or met someone like you physically before.

– Frustrated with not being able to communicate with people who do not have the same language as you.





Basicly, Cultural lag happen because of the new innovations that needs new concepts, rules and understanding which are contrast with the old concepts, rules and understanding so that there are some societies which receive the innovations easier and there also the societies that are more difficult to receive them. So, it depend on the society itself, if the society have openness attitude, that society can receive and adapt the innovations faster.






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