Contoh Hasil Terjemahan Ministry Continue to Monitor Conditions of Migrant Workers (TKI) and Participant Internship in Japan


Muhaimin Iskandar minister asked for IMM (International Manpower Development of Medium and Small Enterprises) the company’s apprentices channel experienced after the earthquake and tsunami disaster to another company in Japan. IMM (International Manpower Development of Medium and Small Enterprises) is one of the largest cooperation partner in the implementation of an internship program in Japan.

If apprentices are not channeled because other companies are also experiencing difficulties then apprenticed Indonesia will be returned to their homeland. “We will distribute them to internships at large companies in the homeland or we encourage entrepreneurship,” said Minister of Manpower and Transmigration Muhaimin Iskandar in a press conference in Jakarta on Saturday (12 / 3) after attending the fun event of fun bike PT Telkom and the opening of NU pencak silat national meeting’s in Pagar Nusa Bandung.

Miniter Muhaimin Iskandar said as one solution to anticipate the possibility of repatriation of Japanese apprentices, Ministry is exploring cooperation with 75 major companies in Indonesia to open his company received apprenticed. “Cooperation internships at big companies in Indonesia have been initiated before the tsunami struck Japan. Speech is good enough and we are exploring technical its implementation,” said Muhaimin.

Muhaimin add up to this Saturday afternoon (12 / 3) there has been no report of an internship in Japan who became victims after the earthquake and tsunami last Friday. Still remain open Online Information Services and Crisis Center of Japan Earthquake aimed as a center for information and monitor the whereabouts and condition of migrant workers and apprentices in Japan.

“To seek or provide information about internships at Japanese participants, the family and society can benefit from online information services through and contact no. Telephone 0815 744 7776, 0816 164 2613, 0815 187 3081 and 0815 187 3081, “said Muhaimin. Meanwhile, if you want to find out more information about migrant workers, nurses and care giver who is in Japang, the family and society can call telephone number 0812 192 7704 and 0813 168 25 467. According to data of Ministry, We have 31,517 citizens there, as many as 16,653 people work in the formal sector, most of them worked in industry (14,033 persons) and 1013 as a care giver / nurse.

While the number of apprentices 8006 people, consisting of IMM joint program of 5180 people, 78 people JWEC program, SHIKAMACHI 21 people and Vocational Training Institute (LPK) as many as 2.727 people. Their presence is spread evenly in various cities in Japan, among which are Tokyo, Osaka, Sapporo, Nagano, shinken, etc.. Currently we are working apprentice workers in 62 business sectors in Japan, with years of service for three years.

Based on the interim report last Data, 19 apprentices in Shizuoka, 17 in Yamaguchi, 83 in Ishikawa, 12 in Fukui, 36 in Hyogo, 10 in Ibaraki, 2 in Tokyo, 8 in Osaka, 36 on Hiroshima, 26 in Iwate, 21 Miyagi, Fukushima 11, 22 in Shikamachi, 163 in Shubuka, 9 in Hamamatsu. Others in Niigata and Gunma and all are safe. While the two men have not succeeded in Fukushima contacted. Ministry team continues to monitor areas that have not been able to identify the condition.


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