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Muhaimin: Goverment goes Optimistic To Resolve Darsem Case Immediately

Ministry of Manpower is conducting intensive coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and BNP2TKI to solve the problems that befall Darsem bt David Freshwater, including problems diyat money to be paid.

“We are optimistic that this issue will be resolved, the Government will not escape the hand as it concerns the lives and the lives of our workers. Six-month period provided for repayment of money diyat will be utilized in the best possible”, said minister Muhaimin Iskandar in the press release in Kemenakertrans Office, Jakarta on Thursday (3 / 3).

Muhaimin Iskandar minister welcomed the positive developments of this case, while appreciating the efforts made by the Embassy there. Kemenakertrans together Kemenlu and BNP2TKI been met and coordinated to deal with this case. ”We have agreed to jointly continue to monitor this Darsem case. We are also ready to provide all necessary assistance, both technical and juridical, for Darsem exemption process can be realized as soon as possible, “said Muhaimin.

Described Muhaimin, to improve legal protection to workers who work abroad, BNP2TKI and Kemenakertrans has collaborated with the Indonesian Advocates Association (AAI) which is chaired by Mr Humphrey Djemat. It is expected that with a series of steps, legal cases faced by our workers can be handled quickly and thoroughly. ”We ask that the lawyers who represents the network AAI (Bar Association) can be deployed to pro-actively monitoring the legal issues faced by our workers abroad. I instructed the Head BNP2TKI to continue to perform intensive communication with the AAI, “said Muhaimin.

For cases that happen to workers in countries placement does not happen again, Muhaimin reminded the workers in any country for as much as possible to avoid actions that may put itself in position against the law.

“I appealed to the workers to always be careful and avoid situations that open opportunities for him to act against the law. Nevertheless, it is also partly depend on how the employer memerlakukan migrant workers, “said Muhaimin.

“In order protection to migrant workers, we have tightened the selection of prospective employers. Prospective employers will we checked its income. Income employers have less than 10 thousand real (24 million rupiah) per month, there is no reason for his workers wages not paid, said Muhaimin.

In addition, employers must attach a map of the house, so the location and existence of the workers we can clearly illustrated. The number of families at home should also be listed. Prospective employers also have enjoined us to come to the consulate and conduct interviews with our Naker attache there. Employment Agreement between the prospective employers and new workers can be signed by the Consulate General in Saudi Arabia if the employer has passed the selection.

“Anyway we are together BNP2TKI all-out for protection We believe this tightening will be able to, directly or indirectly, to protect workers from situations that violate the law.” Muhaimin said.

As diketahaui, Darsem bt David Freshwater, workers from Subang, West Java, has been the release of capital punishment / beheaded due to proven killing her employer in December 2007. Heirs of victims, namely Asim bin Sali Assegaf forgiveness is a decision issued on January 7, 2011.

This decision was reached after going through good cooperation between the Embassy in Riyadh, Lajnah Islah (Good Offices Commission for Peace and Forgiveness) Riyadh as well as the governor of Riyadh. Forgiveness is accompanied by the obligation to pay compensation (money diyat) of SAR 2 million, or approximately Rp. 4.7 billion.


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